To Clara Barton (click on song title to hear MP3 music clip)
© Jennie Avila

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BRIDGE: In her own hand she kept a diary
"We knew there was carnage ahead
But it was better left unsaid
I was faint but I could not eat
Weary but I could not sleep
And too depressed to weep, I prayed..."

3: With just one wagon at South Mountain
Water, slippers, towels and eggs
On to Antietam, ride out to meet them
Pray for strength of arm and speed of legs

CHORUS 3: With a healing hand, Sir please deliver
Our donations, if you can find her
She's with the wounded. They could be our sons
Give our thanks to Clara Barton
Give our thanks to Clara Barton
And a red cross to Clara Barton

Give our thanks mmmm
Give our thanks mmmmm