Warrior spirit and the Keeper of the Bones
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© Jennie Avila

4. A distant bugle sounded but what did it say?
He saw thousands of soldiers, the blue and the gray
Leave his broken body as they all marched away
He thought, "If I am dead, is it too late to pray?"

5. He called out for his wife when he saw the stranger's face
She was bandaging his shoulder with a tourniquet of lace
Through his fever she told him, "You surely are blessed,
Your left arm is gone, but your wounds have been dressed."

6. He said, "Woman of Mercy, I try but can not guess
Why if I am alive, why I alone was left."
She placed his wedding ring on his chest, saying
"They can't help you now. Hold onto this and rest"

Chorus: Warrior spirit, find your way home
Ghost of a soldier left all alone
Follow the wind wherever it blows
And leave your body with the Keeper of the Bones