Welcome to The Project Gallery for Jennie Avila's Civil War Song CDs

Special Thanks to:

Dennis and Judy Cook for historical consultation and encouragement and a fabulous beginning to the recording of this project (before we even knew it was a project!) www.judycook.net

Dennis Mickley for essential recording services!

David Lavoie and Dawn Agran of Nectyr for awesome web design! www.nectyr.com

Nawi Avila for melody and chord transcription, and soul rallying conversations: http://www.sourceofyellow.com

John Frye of the Western Maryland Room, Washington County Public Library, Hagerstown, MD for research assistance. www.washcolibrary.org/localhistory/westmdroom.asp

Christina Muir and Sue Trainor for honest creative feedback and encouragement. www.hotsouptrio.com

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