Breakfast at The Heck's (click on song title to hear MP3 music clip)
© Jennie Avila

Carving of John and Jake Heck, by F. Wark
Courtesy of Doug Bast, Boonsborough Museum of History
Boonsborough, MD

The Heck family lived in Boonsborough, MD. John Heck joined the Union army and his brother, Jake Heck, fought with the Confederates. After the battle of South Mountain the two armies maneuvered through the Boonsborough area. Being so close to home, each thought it would be a good idea to spend a few hours with their mother and sister before returning to battle. What a surprise when they both strayed from their troops and showed up for a home-cooked breakfast at the same time! With full stomachs they returned to their opposing military duties. After the war, John stayed in the Boonsborough area. Jake moved to Pennsylvania. Their little sister, Sally, told and retold the tale, which was passed down through generations. And so the song is sung from sister Sally’s perspective.