A seasoned performer, Jennie has sung songs of love and social conscience from coast to coast.

Her singing career began after attending Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA , when she met travelling troubadour, Juan Avila. Together they hitch-hiked across the U.S. and sang for their supper. Jennie's Latin influences stem from their work with

Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers in California. Upon their return to Pennsylvania they had the honor of performing the song, Guantanamera, when Joan Baez won the SANE Peace Award in Philadelphia. Jennie was joined by Ms Baez in a rousing chorus of bird calls. The duo soon became a power trio with the addition of bassist, Garry Lee. The Avila Band independently released the LP, "AVILA".

After seven successful years, Jennie took a sabatical and met Amy Torchia. Two days later they performed their first concert to a standing ovation. "Amy and Jennie" harmonized for another seven years and independently released three cds: "Change Is", "Live At Godfrey Daniels", and "Life Becomes Her".

In 1999 Jennie created her first solo recording, "Child Of My Child". While developing her solo presence, Jennie also performed with Annie Bauerlein and Chip Mergott. They called themselves "Loose Change" and were famous for tight three part harmonies and fun covers of favorite 60's and 70's gems.

Jennie's follow-up solo cd, "Jennie Avila For Kids" has expanded her audience into the wild life of little ones. She teaches songwriting classes for students in kindergarten through highschool. A documentary of Jennie's life and music is featured on Art Beat.